This is not a B-day blog ;)

It’s been a while since I wrote anything in English, so forgive my rustiness, if you please. Today marks the day … Well, it doesn’t really, but you said you didn’t want anything going on on your birthday, so I am doing an early pre-B-day blog this year 😀
It has been a fucked up year. Which had begun a year earlier and that one, too, had its fair share of fucked-up-ness. But you know what they say: You have to hit bottom to be able to bounce back up. I dare say that the previously mentioned bottom has been successfully and thoroughly hit and that the era of bouncing back up is on its way, so WELL DONE, YOU! 😀

And as for my this year’s B-day resolutions/promises/expectations:
1. I will love you, bottom or top.
2. I will enjoy our dates even if they take place in K, where we melt to death and back during summer and freeze to death and back during winter.
3. I will use up all of your hand moisturizer and chewing gum (sorry, ŽVEČILNE GUME ahahaha).
4. I will provide you with new music from September to June.
5. I will say I have an important meeting so that I can leave work and see you.
6. I will expect everything of the above (minus point 3, of course) from you.
7. I will continue to send you my lunacies and demand honesty (by the way, I have 20K of our newest WIP 😀 Wanna see?)
8. I will, again, love you, bottom or top even when you don’t read all of my texts and misread my drama after smashing my car.

So, my dear L., one half of B. L. Pride and my BfFfF – I DO expect to get drunk. It is your birthday after all 😀

Headphones on, my dear 🙂