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                    Why Use Parylene

                    發布時間:2017-08-09 01:03:07        

                    Parylene is unique in being created directly on the surface at room temperature.

                    There is no liquid phase involved. Coatings are truly conformal, ofuniform controllable thickness, and are completely pinhole-free atthicknesses greater than 0.5µ.

                    Parylene coating completely penetrates spaces as narrow 0.01mm

                    No initiators or catalysts are involved in the polymerization so the coating is very pure and free from trace ionic impurities.

                    Room temperature formation means the coatings are effectively stress-free.

                    Parylene is chemically and biologically inert and stable and make excellent barrier material.

                    Parylene is unaffected by solvents, h***e low bulk permeability andare hydrophobic. Coatings easily pass a 100hr salt-spray test.

                    Parylene has excellent electrical properties: low dielectricc***tant and loss with good high-frequency properties; good dielectricstrength; and high bulk and surface resistance.

                    Parylene has good thermal endurance: Parylene C performs in airwithout significant loss of physical properties for 10 years at 80°Cand in the absence of oxygen to temperatures in excess of 200°C.

                    Parylene is transparent and can be used to coat optical elements.

                    FDA approval of parylene-coated devices is well-documented. Thecoatings comply with USP Class VI Plastics requirements and areMIL-I-46058C / IPC-CC-830B listed.


                    Parylene coatings are completely conformal, h***e a uniformthickness and are pinhole free. This is achieved by a unique vapordeposition polymerization process in which the coating is formed from agaseous monomer without and intermediate liquid stage. As a result,component configurati*** with sharp edges, points, flat surfaces,crevices or exposed internal surfaces are coated uniformly withoutvoids.

                    Parylene coating provides an excellent barrier that exhibits a very low permeability to moisture and gases.

                    Parylene coating has excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength.

                    Parylene is stable over a very wide temperature range (-200 'C to+200 'C), allowing the chamber items coated in Parylene to be put in anautocl***e.


                    Parylene Adhesion to Stainless Steel
                    Any substrate that is vacuum-stable can be coated and the Parylenecoating adheres strongly to all materials, even stainless steel,provided the appropriate adhesion-promotion techniques are used. 
                    Parylene coatings perform well as dry lubricants: static and dynamicfriction coefficients are equal and comparable to fluoropolymers withthe advantage that they also h***e good wear and abrasion resistance. 

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